How to Secure A WiFi Network/Connection?

WiFi securityIs it possible to hack a WiFi network:

If you are a computer nerd, sometimes you might have thoughts about your WiFi security .

You may think that using a long and strong password or keeping your network hidden or using the most recent security procedures, will keep your WiFi safe.

But is it really true?
Well, please read the whole article to decide it yourself.

 A WiFi connection could be hacked by these Possible ways:

Hidden network SSID

You are a complete fool if you are thinking that hiding your networks SSID will keep your WiFi network safe .
Your family member or your friends may not be able to connect to your hidden networks but a hacker will easily find your hidden network just with some basic hacking tools.
Tip: There is no need to hide the SSID of your network. Hiding this will just push a hacker to hack your WiFi network just by curiosity .

WEP Password

The WEP password was an old way to provide security to the WiFi network. But nowadays It is possible to hack WIFI password easily by collecting packets from broadcasted traffic around the WiFi network. Moreover, it is possible to automatically crack any local WEP network using a special type of router. This router cracks the WEP network and re-broadcasts those signals using the correct and strong security standards.

Sadly, so many older devices are incompatible with WPA. Old iPhone or old gaming console or many old Android phones do not support WPA.

Tip: Do not just set a WEP dependent password on your router. If you have a device that does not support WPA – then it’s time to throw those into  dustbin. There is no question of using WEP today. If you still use WEP, then be ready to tolerate the complications also.

WPA Security

You might think, “I’m safe-because I use a long password of 25 characters and my network is the best security system protected by WPA2-PSK.” OK, you’re almost right. But still you are not completely safe yet. Most of today’s router uses WPS technology. WPS technology is used to connect a disk easily . After touching it requires an 8 digit number, which is already printed on or off the router.

This 8 digit number can be easily bypassed.
However, after entering the wrong password 3 times , most routers stops connecting for 60 seconds. Therefore, it will take about 6.3 years to crack 8 digit numbers through a Brute Force attack (randomly attempting to find out the exact password).

So what to worry?

There are some matter to worry about . Hacker will divide this 8-digit password into two parts of 4 numbers. Now if he somehow correctly guesses the first 4 digits and the first 4 digits match correctly, your router will send a notification to help him, “You entered the first half password correctly”. That means your number of 8 numbers has become 4 numbers. Now there are only 10,000 coordinates in each set. As a result, hacker will be a few hours away to get your WiFi password hacked. Again, many router does not support a 60-second suspension option. As a result, your most protected WPA password will be hacked in just a few hours.

Advice to Keep Your WiFi connection safe-

Keep WPS off completely – many router secures WPS using a separate pin. Again, there are options to create alphabetical (letters and numbers together) passwords rather than using numbers as password.

But  it is best to keep it off completely.
It is better to keep your router close after work.

AlwaysKeep your router firmware updated .

Last But Not Least,

To be honest It is not possible to create a 100% safe WiFi network . No matter how much security you use, your network will still be vulnerable.
But if you really want to be safe, keep  WPS off completely.

You can also use hacking tools to test vulnerability of your network, if you do not find any errors then your network is almost safe.