What is *”Artificial Intelligence”* And Why Do We Need it?

Artificial Intelligence
Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence

Artificial Intelligence is a kind of intelligence created in machines, so that they can think and work like humans.

Alan Turing is called the father of artificial intelligence.

In 1950  A test has been mentioned by Alan Turing whether a machine is intelligent or not , which is known as the “Turing Test”.

After that there was a lot of research with artificial intelligence.

But For many years the research on AI was closed because of weak Computational power .  The computers of that time were not so powerful.

With the increase of computer processing power, research has started with artificial intelligence again.

Facebook, Google,  Amazon has contracted to research on AI. Elon Musk has formed the OpenAI platform.

Knowledge Representation & Reasoning is the main thing that needs to be done to create an intelligent program.

Scientists are trying to imitate how well people brain works for Knowledge Representation & Reasoning.

We researched space. We dream of creating human colonies in Mars.  Even though the space is far away but we have learned a lot about the space.

But we couldn’t properly understand how the brain works .
As far as we understand, The human brain consists of neurons. There are about 100 billion neurons in our brain. These are connected to one,  Like a network.

We are trying to create an intelligent system using the same functional process of our brain .

Artificial neural networks have been created by imitating this biological neural network. Artificial neural networks are just part of artificial intelligence. Basically this is a branch of machine learning.  And machine learning is a branch of artificial intelligence.

Other things of AI are Natural Language Processing, Object Recognition, Pattern Recognition, Robotics, Evolutionary Computations Such as genetic algorithms, fuzzy systems, prebility, prudication, knowledge management, and others.

Computer or any machine is just a fool box. Human Interactions are needed to make them work.  Using programming languages, we give some instructions to computers or machines and they works as instructed by humans.
It can not do anything by itself. If the machine has to do something manually, then it will require some brains.
We call the brains of the machines as artificial intelligence. If you think of a robot, the robot’s intelligence is artificial intelligence.

What is the point of creating Artificial intelligence?

Intelligence is the ability to gain knowledge and apply it. General programs can not acquire knowledge. But some of the machines or  Programs are created in such a way that they can learn something themselves, we call them intelligent programs or intelligent machines.

Google search program is an intelligent program. When we search something on Google, it shows us search results based
on our previous search history, age and location .

If we can improve artificial intelligence, then it will be the most amazing change or the most awesome change .

But There is a slight chance of danger if the machines becomes Intelligent. Even our existence can be destroyed in future by these Intelligent machines.

However as We humans are intelligent and Curious, We want to see what happens in future. And that’s why we will develop artificial intelligence.
We will try to Make the computer intelligent like people and will see what happens in future.

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