Interesting Facts About Virtual Reality

Virtual RealityDefinition of virtual reality

Virtual Reality is one of the best invention of modern technology .

It resembles itself with the name.
The meaning of virtual is near and the word reality means Fact/truth.
So the word Virtual Reality resembles itself something as near-truth .
This of course doesn’t mean anything because   usually it refers as a  reality emulation.
The entire thing reality is fully related with our senses.We define something as reality by sensing it with our sense nerves.  So virtual reality means something which  feels like real but not really a real thing.

Virtual reality presents a  computer produced virtual sphere which  we can explore as a natural environment .

The story behind the invention of virtual reality

There are some claims on the history of virtual reality.
But virtual reality is a modern product of computer technology. Many people were involved in the creation and development of this clever device.
But the name which comes first on the inventors list is a man named Morton Heilig. He produced the first interactive type film which would give the viewers a feeling of virtual reality.
However this was not the kind of virtual reality we use today.Morton Heilig used his brain brilliantly.   He used small fans ,   treadmills and special gloves to give the feeling , which was something different for that time. His innovative idea was a boost for modern virtual reality invention.

But giving the feelings of virtual reality is more  difficult than it sounds, because our senses and brain tries to match everything with the real world. So a small pint of flaw can simply destroy the whole fun.

How VR works

Virtual reality works with keeping human psychology in account.We humans  have eyes which catches  180 degrees of vision and though we are not always  aware of our peripheral vision.  Virtual reality also works like our eyes as its uses  180 degree lenses which matches eye structure. So when it shows a scenario​ , we it feels like a real vision to our eyes and brain.

There is a lacking on our virtual reality headsets that they couldn’t  provide us a full  sensing  environment , as we cannot touch anything on that virtual environment. But the system of  virtual reality is upgrading day by day.  But a combination of hardware, software and sensory gadgets are invented to fill the lacking. Though those are pricey at present but one day we will surely be able to get those on our hands.

Is it only a  toy ?
Is it worthwhile creating ?

This thing may seem like a simple toy.
I surely agree on that.
But its not only a toy, its being used for so many things also. 3D films and video games are good examples of that. The has became on of the important thing of the entertainment . Virtual reality has many other implements on the corporate and business world too.

Many sectors are using  virtual reality :
Such as

1 )Architecture industries
2) Sport industries
3) Medicine industries
3) Arts industries
4) Entertainment industries .

However if its dangerous ,  impossible and expensive to do something in the real world then virtual reality is the only way. Though everything is not possible through Virtual Reality but its not impossible too.
So lets keep our eyes to the future.
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