How to format a Not Formatting USB Disk (PenDrive, memory card)

USB drive

Methods to format a Not Formatting USB Disk (PenDrive, memory card)

Sometimes USB disks (pen drives, memory cards, etc.) becomes unable to format because of viruses or other reasons.

So how to do it when you need to do?

Here’s Some methods :

1) Using the command prompt:

This is the most effective way to format pen drive / memory card.
In this case, what to do:
First go to Start then Run and type “cmd” and hit enter.
Enter the window that contains “Format K:”. Notice that the USB disk is working as a K drive, “Format K:” is written.
Enter the day
A window will appear. If you want “Y / N” type here, enter “Y” and try to format. You can now format your USB disks (pen drives, memory cards, etc.

2) NTFS Format:

Pen drive / memory card is usually formatted as a Fat 32 file. However, if there is a problem with Fat 32, the disk can be formatted in NTFS.
For this, right click on the pen drive / memory card from My Computer, click Properties> Hardware and select
the Pen Drive / Memory card .

Then select Properties> Policies > select optimize for performance and click ok.

3) Using Windows Disk Management or DOS format:

In this case, go to Control Panel from the Start menu and double click on Administrative Tools.
Then click on Computer Management twice. Now clicking on Disk Management from the left side will show the list of all the drives, including the pen drive / memory card on the right.
Now Right-click click on Pen drive / memory card and format the pendrive from there.

4) Using software:

If you are unable to format your USB Disks with the above mentioned methods, you can try the HP USB Disk Storage Format Tool software.
You can also make your USB disc as a DOS with this tool. The software is very easy to use.

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