Tesla Model 3 : The Affordable Beast Car Of 2017

Tesla model 3 : The affordable  Beast

Story Behind The Thought Of TESLA MODEL 3 :

For almost a decade , Tesla made a small amount of  highly priced cars targeting only the riches .

However now Tesla changed its target and goals. Tesla newly aimed to dominate the market of battery powered vehicles . They also aimed to lure car users from  gasoline cars to the battery powered ones. If  the newly targeted goals of Tesla gets success  then i would be great for our environment also

  Tesla’s prolongation  comes with a multiple set of risks. Tesla aims to increase its annual production excessively . The company maintained its quality as it produced small amount of cars. So sudden increase on production may cause its quality  bit down and they have to compete with the global giants also.
But as its The Great Tesla Company then we can hope for the best.

Tesla unveiled its   Model 3 cars ( Sedans) ,  starting at a cheap rate which is only  $35,000.
They arranged a great opening of their new cars ,  on Friday.
The ceremony was arranged in just outside of Tesla`s research facility .  Tesla’s chief executive, Elon Musk said .

“The whole point of our company was to make a really great cars , in a affordable price,”
“And we finally have done it.”

There is a big question  remains can they keep  their quality like  before  as
about 500,000+ people have put down $1,000 deposits from  last year to reserve the  delivery of Model 3s .

A month earlier , they  signaled about  a shortage on battery packs.
That  had limited its production to only just 25,000 vehicles which is of course  a long way from their target of  600,000 vehicles a year.

The first cars were  Friday were delivered  to 30 of Tesla’s employees   as the appreciation of their contribution to the company .

Specification And Review Of TESLA MODEL 3 :

The model 3 car of tesla is approximately 185-inches in  length ,  73-inches width  and   57-inches of height.

Interior Equipments :  Model 3s interior contains

1) LED headlights,

2) a navigation system

3) Internet connectivity,

4) electronic safety systems such as  collision avoidance
5) and a emergency braking facility which is fully automated.

The basic pack can go up to  30 miles of range per hour on a 32-amp 240-volt outlet,  It can go about 130 miles by only 30 minutes of Supercharging.

There are some awesome upgrades in Model 3 , but you have  cost extra for the premium upgrades.

Price :

* The basic version of Tesla Model 3 is 35k as promised by the company.
* You can buy the black version with 35k but have to cost 1k more for any other colour.
* With All of the upgrades The car will cost approximately  59k+.

So compared to any other battery powered vehicles, The Tesla Model 3 is surely a beast with a very reasonable and affordable price.