8 secret seo tools of 2017 which Your Competitor Doesnt Know

Seo tools for 2017There is a saying that : “Everything Is Easy With The Perfect Tools “

The saying goes with almost everything.
Yeah, with the web world too.

Whenever i try to do a project or a simple household work like  fixing things , i try to pick the perfect tool for my work.

In the world of SEO ( Search Engine Optimization) , tools can give you a positive  boost and you can easily give your competitor a hard beat.

You may be wondering How Can I Do SEO and where can I get tools for it.

Well , There are so many SEO tools hanging all around the web. But  some of them works perfectly and some of them are just Useless.

There are some premium tools also and they works perfectly for any SEO strategy.

However there are also some Freemium tools and you can use the basic feature of those  for  absolutely free.

I have made a list (I’m not jericho) of some  free tools for you . These tools are fast, free, and easy-to-use.

8 Most Useful And Free SEO Tools For 2017

1 ) Google PageSpeed Tool

With This amazing Google powered   Tool you can Check your website speed and responsiveness on multiple devices.

 Enter a URL in the tools search bar and press analyze,   then this tool will test your websites responsiveness  for both mobile and other devices.

It will also give you solutions for the  problems which slowing your website speed.

Useful tool , right?

2. Google Keyword Planner

Choose your target keyword and enter it into the tool and  Google Keyword Planner will return with  helpful stats for  your keyword strategy.
Such as
* monthly search volume,
*competition, and also  suggest you some matters you may not be aware of at all.

3)Google Trends

Google trends is not exactly a Seo tool.
But it can help you  with your seo strategy if its used wisely.

GoogleTrends shows  what’s trending according to your keyword.

So with proper SEO  strategy, this tool works like GEM .


4)Google AdWords

Google AdWords tool can be used for keyword research .

When you input a word or your targeted keyword in it, AdWords will show you how many times users have searched for this word in the search engine.

Its pretty simple and easy to use.

And also works great.

5)Google Webmaster Tools

Google webmaster Tools is mainly designed  for webmasters .

This is one of the most useful tools  for your website.

Google webmaster tools shows you how Google thinks about your website and if there is any problem such as bugs, alerts and indexing issues on your website.

To use Google Webmaster Tools in your  website , you have to install it manually with plugins like Yoast or Jetpack.

Google Webmaster Tools is now known as Google Search Console.


SEM Rush is a website  which offers multiple  tools to help you  with competitive keyword research for search engines.

Youcan use the basic features of Semrush for free but you have to buy the premium upgrade for the premium tools.

7) KeywordTool.io

Keyword Tool is similar to Google . But i don’t use this tool much but as far as I know Keyword Planner  works like Google Keyword planner.

But to use some premium feature you have to  cost some fees.

8) Online XML Sitemap Generator Tool

With this  Online XML Sitemap Generator  Tool you can create a  free sitemap  for your website and this tool will also show you if your website have any broken links.

This tool is pretty simple handy and useful.



Choosing a list of free perfect SEO tools is not a easy task at all.

There are hundreds and thousands of SEO Tools available right now just for you to use.

I have listed the favourite tools  of mine here.

You have to keep in mind that the creators of these tools are not creating useless things. They are trying there best to make the best.

I am trying to say  that i like some tools that doesn’t mean that other tools are not good or useful.

Always try to search for your needs and try to figure out that  if the tools you are using, can fulfil your needs.

By that method you can easily find out the perfect tools for you to use .

Good Luck .