How To Increase data transfer speed of pen drive in 2 minutes

Pen drive
Pen drive

Increase the data transfer speed of pen drive in 2 minutes

It’s 2017 and everyone needs to share send receive photos , documents , videos , songs etc for personal purposes.

Some times when you are multi tasking   or in office or in hurry , you need to transfer files faster.

But This feels very annoying when it takes a lot of your time just to send and receive files through USB devices / pendrive etc.

The problem mostly occurs if you’re pendrives file transfer speed is slow ( below 3.0) . That’s why always try to buy USB 3.0 pen drives.

But what to do when you are using an old pen drive?

Not to worry.  There’s a small But handy 2 minutes trick / procedure just to fasten things up a little.

Just follow the procedure below :

1) First connect your USB device / pen drive to the computer you will use to transfer / receive your desired files.

2) Then Go to My Computer .

3) Inside My Computer,  go to Properties option by clicking the right mouse button on the USB device’s drive icon.

4) Now go to the hardwere option.

5) Then click Device Manager located on the left side .

6) Select the option of USB Drive and click on the Properties button situated right below .

7) Now a new window will appear, click on the policy tab and get better performance
OK and also tick the Enable Write option.

Thats it , all Work’s done.
Now start sending / receiving files. check your USB devices file transferring speed .
It’s much better than before , right?

Always try to learn Handy trick’s for every tech related problems, cause a pretty much simplest trick can also make a huge difference.