Instagram Launches “Stories Feature” On The Web Version

Instagram updateInstagrams Story Feature update On The Web Version

Until now the user’s of  Instagram was only able to  update stories only via the Instagram app. But the facebook possessed company decided to make a change.
Instagram has a huge number of it’s active user’s from the countries where Internet connections are not really  cheap. As the  app version consumes/ needs a lot of MB’s which is not easily affordable for some countries .

Now the authority of the company decided to make it easily usable for all user’s.
And guess what, now anyone can  use instagram by visiting the web Version (
So there’s no problem if you are a mobile or a desktop user, cause using Instagram is much easier. Now you can easily update your stories (disappears after 24 hours) via the web version.

However, The uploaded Stories  will be shown at the top of your Instagram feed.
You have to simply click or tap on  the stories to view/watch the stories you want to view.

To view next , previous or skip other stories, you have to tap on the  left or right arrow icons .

But to enjoy those features in the web version, you have to wait a bit longer because the current web version is only able to show you the stories updated/uploaded by other users on Instagram.
It is expected that the feature containing the ability to  update stories will be launched on the web version  within next few months of this year.

The app version of Instagram got a massive boost on their popularity when they launched the Stories updating feature on the app last year.
The feature became so famous that Instagram became packed with a number of  250m active user’s within just a year .
This huge number of active user’s made Instagram as a close competitor of Snapchat.

Instagram also Launched a sticker pack for the user’s of their stories feature.

Looks like Instagram is focusing  on      gaining more user’s with their latest updates. So maybe one day, the facebook owned company Instagram will rule the virtual world alongside with Facebook.