How To Index Your Blog Post Quickly On Google

Google search results indexHow does Google update their search results?

Without a well amount of Organic Traffic , banging (becoming successful) things like online marketing, blogging etc , is not possible in any way.

Nowadays Google is the best source of Organic Traffic as almost 70% of people prefers searching their desired things on search engines.

In this case, if you can use Google search engine properly, you will not have to worry about Google organic traffic .

But getting a well amount of Traffic is not easy Without the magic trick.
Don’t get tensed.
I’m only talking about search engine optimization.
It’s not really magic but works like magic.
But in this article I’m not gonna blab about SEO, so if you need to know the process of the magic , you should follow our SEO articles.


What is SEO/Search Engine Optimization ?

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But before doing so, you should know how Google works.

So let’s get to the point.

Usually Google updates search results and search rankings every 3-4 months. Sometimes they updates search results 4-5 times a year .

It is seen that after such updates, all the blogs/websites that were available in Google search results, were removed or placed in the bottom of the search results.

On the other hand, the websites that were previously not available or placed in the bottom of search results , are available in a good position.

These updates can make or ruin your success easily.

How does Google find and crawls a site?

Currently there are billions of active websites and blogs available in the Web world. Google Bots continiously crawls all the websites, according to the overall theme ( genre) of the website, according to their algorithm.
In this case, Google crawlers doesnt  make any mistakes .

From my years of blogging experience, I have marked these following factors which Google considers while Indexing :

Analyzing Indexing History:

Sometimes we see that Google is taking so much time to Index our newly shared post or in worst cases, not even Indexing .This happens for various reasons.

How fast a post will be indexed, slightly depends on the rank of the blog.

You should get help from Google Webmaster Tools (Search Console) to know whether Google is Indexing your website or not ,
Google Webmaster Tools will show you how many posts/pages of your website has been indexed along with some instructions or ideas on how to fasten index rate .

Domain Authority:

If the Domain Authority of the website or blog is 100 points or closer, the Google search engine considers the ranking of a website as good.

In this case, the blog post is likely to be indexed very quickly.

Page Authority:

Ifa website or blog’s Page Authority is 100 points or closer, Google Search Engine also considers the ranking of a website as good.

Regular Post Update:

Regulararticle sharing is one of the important issues in the matter of Indexing.
In most cases, Google Bots regularly visits those blogs who shares post’s regularly.

Popularity of website: The website’s popularity plays an active role in being a fast index. Because popular websites are visited regularly and possesses a vast amount of traffic regularly. That’s why post’s of these websites are indexed faster.


Ifyour share your posts link on highly popular websites, then when Google crawls these websites, crawler will also have a link of your post .

What is GoogleBot, Crawling and Indexing?

Before learning about how to index your website faster in Google search engine,
You should also be well-informed about what is GoogleBot, Crawling and Indexing . Because if you have no idea about this, you can not understand how Google collects information about your website.


Google Bot is a data-gathering software. Google collects billions of information on websites and gathers them in their database using this automated bot,

It continiously plays an active role in gathering information on the websites.


Whilecollecting information on websites, if crawlers (Google Bot) finds any new post/article on any website, they crawls the article and sends report to Google about the article . It is called crawling.


After crawling any article , Google Bot check’s it’s quality and Indexes it on their database (not search results).
Then the search engine shows the post in the search results according to the serial of that indexed (on their database) data .

Note that the serial is only based on post’s published date but the crawling and ranking factor totally depends on your website and its post’s quality.

Now you know how Google collects information, checks out the efficiency of the blog and displays it in search results.

You wanna know how to index your blog on search engine faster, right?
okay, Here’s the trick.

How to index your blog On search engine faster:

Before I discuss this topic, you have to know that if your blog is new then it will take some time to index . You have to give Google some time to get to know about your blog better.

But If your blog is at least 2-3 months old then you should try the following things to push things up.

Google Webmaster Tools:

This is a free and very useful tool from Google. If you want to index your blog fast in the Google search engine, you must make an account. Besides, using this tool, you can get information about your blog’s various Crawl Indexes.

Create Sitemap:

Aftercreating your Google Webmaster Tools account, you must submit your blog in it. Through this Sitemap, Google can easily get information about your blog contents . There are so many ways to create a site map. You can use a site map generator website to create yours.

Fetch It:

Though I don’t recommend using this feature often, but this option is a very important part of Google Webmaster Tools. Using this option, you can request Google to quickly index your blog post.
Note: only use this feature if Google is not Indexing some of your posts , otherwise just let crawler crawl your website content naturally.

Google Analytics:

Add your site with Google analytics. Google Analytics shows the amount, location and referrer of your traffic. So this has nothing to do with search results.
However, you can get a clear idea on what to do in future by seeing the traffic statistics.

Regular Backlinking :

Whenever you post a new article on your blog, try to create some quality backlinks on top level websites. This’ll surely help your posts to get indexed faster.


A proper onpage and off page seo can surely help you on the Matter of Indexing.

Is there any need of indexing and SEO?

Many people ask me is there any need to do SEO as we can get enough traffic just by social sharing.
I do not disagree with you. Yes, you can get a lot of traffic through social Medias like facebook, Twitter, Reddit etc.

But the problem is that this is not organic traffic. When you get enough traffic from search engines it will be organic traffic and the traffic will be worth more than the social media traffic.

If you are using Adsense on your blog/website then Organic Traffic is pretty much important for you to get a good earning.


At the end, the above factors are only applicable if you have enough good articles on your blog. Without quality article, search engine bots will not properly evaluate your blog content. This will keep your post at the dead end of the search results and you will not get any Organic Traffic.
So to dominate the search results, first move your attention on the quality of your blog then care about these factors.