What’s The Difference Between *HTTP And HTTPS*

http vs https

http vs https

   Http Vs Https

Http : HyperText Transfer Protocol

resembles the method of transferring   data from the server of a site we intended to visit by inputting its address in the address bar.  Here your device browser acts as a client and the computer which receives your request acts as a server.

Https : HyperText Transfer Protocol Secure

Https is a more secure way to  surf the web. It is combined with two different two different protocols.

Those protocols are :

1) Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTPS) 

2) SSL/TLS protocol

It is more secure than http because  ,  the communication between your browser and server is encrypted  that’s why no one can know What’s ​ you are searching or looking for . This kind of security is used for  online shops, banking sites , emails , payment gateways. Also in the sites where users input there personal details .
For activating HTTPS connection , your website has to have a SSL certificate. These certificate comes for free or paid with your hosting .

Most of us don’t care or know about is there any problem or not. There is not really any problem with the http if you are just viewing or reading a websites article . Because  a no one has  anything to do with your activity. So no one will try to steal anything . So its safe.

The true problem arises when you are inputting your personal details of sending an email. This things are so much confidential and web thieves tries to steal your precious information . When you buy something from online market place,  you have to input your  credit card number in the payment gateway. In this matter , if the site uses HTTP then it will be easy to steal your information .
When a request is made on a secure HTTPS, then the server decrypts it. But nobody knows where it will be decrypt. So there is no risk for your confidential data.

So is HTTPS is good for a website ?
Yeah it is.

 But few years ago it was believed that  Transmitting data via https is a heavy load for servers . So  that could result In massive slowdowns. Yeah, this was true for the certain periods of past. But technology has upgraded everyday and its not a fact at all in 2017.
Search engines also prefers  websites with HTTPS .


1)  No certificates required to Activate

2 ) A http website URL begins with “http://”

3 ) Port 80 uses for communication with the servers computer

4) No encryption performed by the server computer

5) Unsecured connection

6 ) Easily broke able

7 ) Used for 2nd grade sites


1)   certification required to Activate

2 ) A https website URL begins with a green marked  “https://”

3 )  Uses port 443 for communication with the servers computer

4) Data Encryption performed by the server computer

5) Secured connection

6 ) Not broke able

7 ) Used for 1st grade websites

The main difference between http and https is  mainly security.

If you are on a https website , then feel free to send personal data . Because no one can break into a website like this.

But when you are on a http website then its advised not to input/send any confidential data of yours.

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