How To Be A Successful Android App Developer

Android app
Android app

This post for those who really want to be an Android developer.

How to Get Started Android App Developing?

Android is the most popular mobile operating system of the current era. This is a Google operated, complete open platform .

The reason for its popularity is that it is easy to use and has lots of niche to work with.

Android was originally built using the Java programming language, and XML.
So In order to make an Android app, it is enough to know these two languages.

There are also Other methods for making Android apps .

They are Hybrid methods or Webview methods, but these methods do not provide all kinds of opportunities like native methods. Anyone can learn Java and Xml to build a career in Android apps development.

When should you start ?

For the students of computer science, it is better to start at the end of third year. Until then, you have to learn various things of programming, such as Problem Solving, Data Structure, Algorithm, Database, OOP, Number theory etc. You may need few hours to understand the structure of the data structure or algorithm. If data structure, algorithm, OOP, database is not clear, then you will stumble into app development.
For the beginner’s, it’s good to go with Java.

Prerequisites for Learning Android development :

You should Start with java, as this will make the basics strong.
It is possible to learn all major things of java within three months.

Topics You Should Learn (Java):

1)Java input and output from console

2)Simple arithmetic and bitwise operation







9)Stack class

10)Queue class
11)StringBuffer class
12)String class
13)Date and time-related classes
14)File input and output
15)Linear Search
17)Binary Search
18)Bubble Sort
19)Quick Sort
20)Sieve of Eratosthenes
25)Method Overloading
26)Method overriding

Start learning Android application development

Android Studio is the strongest IDE for developing Android apps. Download it and install it on your PC. If you have trouble installing then watch related videos on youtube. The main thing you have to have for Learning app development is enough patience.
There are many Beginner level video tutorial series on YouTube. You can follow them to practice regularly.

There’s a list of Channels and Books you can follow:

The New Boston
Android Official Documentation
Awesome Android Complete Reference
Developers Blog
Android Hive
Tutorials Point
Java Point
The Busy Coder’s Guide to Android Development (Book)
Head First Android (Book)

After making any app, Try it on many devices

Through this method, all types of Runtime bugs will be captured by different types of configurations of different types of devices, so if any feature of your app is not working properly, then you can notice and fix it easily.

Test the app on Emulator

To understand whether the app will work properly on all devices, you have to buy many devices , but it is expensive to buy different config devices so you can use Emulator to check your app.

Use Admov to display ads

Do not use many Ads service together, so your app’s impression will be lost to users. Users will get irritated with your app because of too many adds and they will stop using it.

The more you spend time in the Android Studio, the more you will learn. which will help you to become a good developer.