Googles New Strategy : The Search Giant is about to Put Scissors on Google Playstore

Google play store

Google decided to review and remove unworthy apps to maintain quality of the apps on Google playstore.

Google announced that the latest release of android version  (Android 8.0 or O) will make android light and efficient to use .

Maybe they are walking on that road with their latest strategy.
Google has decided to remove some unnecessary apps/bloatwares  from their Google play store.
For couple of years, google play store was becoming a dump ground for junk and unnecessary  apps. Anyone who knew a little of programming , made a unworthy app and submitted it to the play store and Google did nothing according to that matter. But now the google authority thought that this might be the right time to pull the plug  off. So they are starting to put scissors on those apps.
There might be a another reason on their  New move is that there is a silent competition between iOS and android. Getting a app registered in the Apple store is so much harder,  apple reviews  a app to see whether it has a usability, Strong user interface  or not. This ensures that every apps on apple store is upto mark. On the other hand , google had it’s eyes blind folded for years until the latest announcement.

What kind of Apps will Google  Remove  ?

Google will remove apps that violates their new rules and regulations .

Apps that will contain following matters ,

1) Consumes so much spaces on a users device without valid reason

2) Effects battery on a larger scale

3) Marked as unhealthy/risky by users

4)  poor reviewed

5) Contains a bad user interface

Those apps/bloatwares which will contain these Specifications will surely get removed from play store. But there’s not much information on, will the owners​ of these apps gets warning and a chance to renegotiate with their apps usability or not.

From the starting point to present  , Google hasn’t stopped upgrading their policies and  technologies for  the sake of their users. Their latest strategies to strengthen their service for users are so much appreciable.

They had some lacking regarding the play store but they are filling the lacking up with a decent start by removing  junks from their app yard. A huge good luck to them.