Google Chrome Is About To Unleash An Ad Blocker Feature

chrome-ad-blocker Is About To Launch a Ad blocker Feature in Their Chrome Browser 

Things You Should Know About The Ad Blocker Feature :

Google was   looking to create a ad blocker feature  on their chrome browser. Browsers like opera , uc already started the feature a while ago .
Well, google announced that they will add  a ad blocker feature  in both  Chrome Canary and Chrome Dev  next year. This feature will be added in both the mobile and desktop version.
The Ad Blocker feature has been already present on the android version of Canary app (beta).
Though Google has stated that it will deploy the ad blocker in 2018, it is decided to start testing the feature for bugs in the above mentioned app.
Google said that they will move the feature from beta to  chrome ,  when the feature will be completely bug Free .

How To Activate The Google Chrome Ad Blocker Feature:

The setting for activation will be available in in Chrome’s ‘Site settings’ menu under sub-section ‘Ads’. However users will have the power of turning on/off  the feature.

How will the Ad blocker work :

The ad blocker will  obviously block ads. But not all. ’s ad-blocking option will be present in . The feature is created to Block irrelevant ads from websites.

The ad blocker will  remove adverts that are considered irrelevant by the Coalition for Better Ads. The search giant google created The List by surveying ad experiences from users from both desktop and mobile.

What Kind Of Ads Ad blocker will block :

For mobile and desktop  users google will block advertisements which include
Plays videos as ad without users permission ,
Ads which covers full-screen of the devices countdown ads.
So 3rd class ad companies will surely lose a huge amount of their revenue by this amazing features. They may have to come in line with much relevant advertisements.
So the most asked question is that :

Will The Ad Blocker Feature in Chrome Block  AdSense Ads ?

As i have mentioned earlier that the google chrome ad blocker feature will not really block all ads shown on a website. It will just find out the irrelevant ones according to Googles list of standard ad guidlines. So as AdAense in googles own ad network, so they will surely maintain the guidlines .

So, Just Chill .,
It surely won’t block ads from adsense.