GoDaddy Takes Action against Daily stormer

Daily Stormer bannedWeb hosting company GoDaddy Takes Action against neo – Nazi site Daily stormer

Web  hosting company GoDaddy refused to give their  service any longer to the neo – Nazi web site Daily stormer . So the company gave them a strict  24 hours  of time to shift their site to another provider because of the sites recent heinous act and violating rules and regulations.

The site Daily Stormer recently published a article criticizing a protester “Heather Heyer” . The protester  was killed by a car in Charlottes ville at a white supremacist rally .

The criticizing​ article posted by Daily Stormer influenced  web user’s including Amy Siskind ( women’s rights activist) to complain against the site to GoDaddy .

In a response the web hosting giant said that they looked forward the  matter and found out that this site surely violated the terms and conditions of the company. So as a punishment they notified Daily Stormer. to shift their website to another hosting provider company within a short time of 24 hours, otherwise they will delete the site from their server without any further notice .

Just after the steps (suspension notice of domain hosting agreement) taken by GoDaddy, Daily Stormer published a posy on their website saying and claiming that they were not aware and involved of the criticizing post at all as their site was hacked by the famous hacking group “Anonymous” . At the other hand “Anonymous” tweeted regarding the fact that they are not involved in that ” criticizing article ”  thing too .

However this isn’t the first time. As Daily Stormer is known for its positive views on neo-Nazism , white nationalism and anti Semitism. They are also accused of spreading these things amongst it’s viewer’s.

So from the web user’s perspective, there’s a huge Chance that the website is involved in the heinous act . But it’s not up to us to decide or blame anyone on that matter.