Facebook’s Latest Strategy To Enter The Chinese Community

Facebooks-starategy https://techsyndrome.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/08/facebook-76536_640-1.pngFacebook Secretly Released a Photo-Sharing Application In China

Facebook was banned in China for many years. Mark Zuckerberg and his social networking company “Facebook” tried their best to renegotiate this matter but all gone in vain.
But now Facebook took a different strategy to  re enter in the large community of China.

They released a photo-sharing app which doesn’t resemble  the social network Giant’s name but will work under the company administration.
This secret app is a  called  “Moments”. It has some similar functions of Facebooks Moments app.

Facebook launched this application via an unknown company of China to keep the privacy.
But there is a question remains

Do Internet regulations authority of China aware of this matter ?

There is no evidence on if chinese authority knew about this matter or not and also It’s not really clear whether this will impact a positive impression on the relationship between facebook and Chinese authority or not .

But it’s obvious that by releasing the secret app, The Social networking giant “Facebook” played with a massive risk.
The company not only played with fire but also gave their product responsiblity to a local company. There is also a small  possibility that the company  could be banned in China for associating with facebook if they haven’t taken any permission of Chinese authority.

Sometimes taking risks are good .
But there is a doubt on Mark Zuckerberg’s latest step. Relationship between Chinese government and facebook wasn’t that much good in recent past . So releasing a app without taking permission of the government , has a massive chance of backfiring. The secret release could break the trust again between  Facebook and the Chinese authority.

But as he is The great Mastermind  Mark Zuckerberg so he may have a different strategy which we are unable to understand.
Only future can tell.

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