Android app Programming Tutorials 

How To Be A Successful Android App Developer

This post for those who really want to be an Android developer. How to Get Started Android App Developing? Android is the most popular mobile operating system of the current era. This is a Google operated, complete open platform . The reason for its popularity is that it is easy to use and has lots of niche to work with. Android was originally built using the Java programming language, and XML. So In order to make an Android app, it is enough to know these two languages. There are also…

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Best 5 Websites For Learning Programming

Best 5 Websites For Learning Programming Programming means instructing computer with some codes and computer understandable languages. Programmers are one of the highly paid jobbers. So you want to learn programming but don’t know where or  don’t want to pay money for programming courses? I have just got the right thing for you. Here’s a list of five websites where you can learn programming for free.   WWW.URIONLINEJUDGE.COM This famous   Brazilian website, got a lot  popularity in a short time. They have got a rich Collection of Easy Problems…

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