WiFi security Tips & Tricks 

How to Secure A WiFi Network/Connection?

Is it possible to hack a WiFi network: If you are a computer nerd, sometimes you might have thoughts about your WiFi security . You may think that using a long and strong password or keeping your network hidden or using the most recent security procedures, will keep your WiFi safe. But is it really true? Well, please read the whole article to decide it yourself.  A WiFi connection could be hacked by these Possible ways: Hidden network SSID  You are a complete fool if you are thinking that hiding…

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USB drive Tips & Tricks 

How to format a Not Formatting USB Disk (PenDrive, memory card)

Methods to format a Not Formatting USB Disk (PenDrive, memory card) Sometimes USB disks (pen drives, memory cards, etc.) becomes unable to format because of viruses or other reasons. So how to do it when you need to do? Here’s Some methods : 1) Using the command prompt: This is the most effective way to format pen drive / memory card. In this case, what to do: First go to Start then Run and type “cmd” and hit enter. Enter the window that contains “Format K:”. Notice that the USB…

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Pen drive Tips & Tricks 

How To Increase data transfer speed of pen drive in 2 minutes

Increase the data transfer speed of pen drive in 2 minutes It’s 2017 and everyone needs to share send receive photos , documents , videos , songs etc for personal purposes. Some times when you are multi tasking   or in office or in hurry , you need to transfer files faster. But This feels very annoying when it takes a lot of your time just to send and receive files through USB devices / pendrive etc. The problem mostly occurs if you’re pendrives file transfer speed is slow (…

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Antivirus Tips & Tricks 

How To Create An AntiVirus For *ShortCut Virus*

How To create A Anti Virus Yourself     It is hard to find computer users who have not caught viruses in their computer. Most common  viruses are the shortcut virus. Most of us don’t know how to remove this from our computer, so we have to lose our important files. Today I will tell you how to create a handy Anti Virus / Virus Remover for Shortcut viruses. If the computer you are using is infected with shortcut virus, then by typing just a bunch of code, you can…

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