Artificial Intelligence Technology 

What is *”Artificial Intelligence”* And Why Do We Need it?

Artificial intelligence Artificial Intelligence is a kind of intelligence created in machines, so that they can think and work like humans. Alan Turing is called the father of artificial intelligence. In 1950  A test has been mentioned by Alan Turing whether a machine is intelligent or not , which is known as the “Turing Test”. After that there was a lot of research with artificial intelligence. But For many years the research on AI was closed because of weak Computational power .  The computers of that time were not so powerful.…

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Tesla Model 3 : The Affordable Beast Car Of 2017

Tesla model 3 : The affordable  Beast Story Behind The Thought Of TESLA MODEL 3 : For almost a decade , Tesla made a small amount of  highly priced cars targeting only the riches . However now Tesla changed its target and goals. Tesla newly aimed to dominate the market of battery powered vehicles . They also aimed to lure car users from  gasoline cars to the battery powered ones. If  the newly targeted goals of Tesla gets success  then i would be great for our environment also   Tesla’s…

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Virtual Reality Technology 

Interesting Facts About Virtual Reality

Definition of virtual reality Virtual Reality is one of the best invention of modern technology . It resembles itself with the name. The meaning of virtual is near and the word reality means Fact/truth. So the word Virtual Reality resembles itself something as near-truth . This of course doesn’t mean anything because   usually it refers as a  reality emulation. The entire thing reality is fully related with our senses.We define something as reality by sensing it with our sense nerves.  So virtual reality means something which  feels like real but…

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What’s The Difference Between *HTTP And HTTPS*

   Http Vs Https Http : HyperText Transfer Protocol resembles the method of transferring   data from the server of a site we intended to visit by inputting its address in the address bar.  Here your device browser acts as a client and the computer which receives your request acts as a server. Https : HyperText Transfer Protocol Secure Https is a more secure way to  surf the web. It is combined with two different two different protocols. Those protocols are : 1) Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTPS)  2) SSL/TLS protocol…

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