Most Mysterious YouTube Channels That Will Give You Chills

Mysterious YouTube channels Google, Youtube, Facebook has become part of our lives, laughs, joy, entertainment, education we all are now dependent on it, Anyone can upload his mind-like video in YouTube. But some time it is the reason for the loss of others. Today we will tell you about some mysterious YouTube channels. 1) WEBDRIVER TORSO A total of thousands of videos have been uploaded so far in this YouTube channel. Every videos length is only 10 seconds. Only some boxes of red and blue colors appear in the video…

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Instagram update Tech News 

Instagram Launches “Stories Feature” On The Web Version

Instagrams Story Feature update On The Web Version Until now the user’s of  Instagram was only able to  update stories only via the Instagram app. But the facebook possessed company decided to make a change. Instagram has a huge number of it’s active user’s from the countries where Internet connections are not really  cheap. As the  app version consumes/ needs a lot of MB’s which is not easily affordable for some countries . Now the authority of the company decided to make it easily usable for all user’s. And guess what,…

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Daily Stormer banned Tech News 

GoDaddy Takes Action against Daily stormer

Web hosting company GoDaddy Takes Action against neo – Nazi site Daily stormer Web  hosting company GoDaddy refused to give their  service any longer to the neo – Nazi web site Daily stormer . So the company gave them a strict  24 hours  of time to shift their site to another provider because of the sites recent heinous act and violating rules and regulations. The site Daily Stormer recently published a article criticizing a protester “Heather Heyer” . The protester  was killed by a car in Charlottes ville at a white…

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Facebooks-starategy Tech News 

Facebook’s Latest Strategy To Enter The Chinese Community

Facebook Secretly Released a Photo-Sharing Application In China Facebook was banned in China for many years. Mark Zuckerberg and his social networking company “Facebook” tried their best to renegotiate this matter but all gone in vain. But now Facebook took a different strategy to  re enter in the large community of China. They released a photo-sharing app which doesn’t resemble  the social network Giant’s name but will work under the company administration. This secret app is a  called  “Moments”. It has some similar functions of Facebooks Moments app. Facebook launched…

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Solar Eclipse Of August 2017 : Things To Know

Things You Should Know About Upcoming solar eclipse on 21th August 2017 What is a solar Eclipse? A solar eclipse happens when the  New Moon comes between the Earth and Sun, which  blocks out the Sun’s rays and casts  a shadow on a specific part of Earth. If the Moon blocks a portion of the sun , it is called as a partial/half solar eclipse. When Did The Last Solar Eclipse Happened? The Last Full   eclipse happened on 8th June of 1918 which  started from  Washington  to Florida. What Is The…

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Google play store Tech News 

Googles New Strategy : The Search Giant is about to Put Scissors on Google Playstore

Google decided to review and remove unworthy apps to maintain quality of the apps on Google playstore. Google announced that the latest release of android version  (Android 8.0 or O) will make android light and efficient to use . Maybe they are walking on that road with their latest strategy. Google has decided to remove some unnecessary apps/bloatwares  from their Google play store. For couple of years, google play store was becoming a dump ground for junk and unnecessary  apps. Anyone who knew a little of programming , made a…

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chrome-ad-blocker Tech News 

Google Chrome Is About To Unleash An Ad Blocker Feature

Google Is About To Launch a Ad blocker Feature in Their Chrome Browser  Things You Should Know About The Ad Blocker Feature : Google was   looking to create a ad blocker feature  on their chrome browser. Browsers like opera , uc already started the feature a while ago . Well, google announced that they will add  a ad blocker feature  in both  Chrome Canary and Chrome Dev  next year. This feature will be added in both the mobile and desktop version. The Ad Blocker feature has been already present on…

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facebook al Tech News 

Mysteries Of Facebook’s *Artificial Intelligence Robots*

Facebook suddenly shut down a pair of their Artificial Intelligence bots ( known as Facebook AI. Why? There’s the reason. Just a couple of months ago , the research team of  Facebook AI  built two  “Chatbots” AI named  “Bob and Alice.” They were  supposed to learn how to negotiate like human  by  looking on  human trading and bartering actions. So basically they were only negotiation bots. They were created perfectly. Then What’s The Problem With The A.I Robot’s  ? The main  problems started at the testing. When Facebook Al team…

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Secret of jeff bezoses success Tech News 

The secrets behind the success of Jeff Bejos

Secrets Behind The Success Of Jeff Bezos Jeff Bezos is the Richest man on earth though Bill gates beat him again just in couple of hours. However we can call him as  one of the most successful businessman . At first Amazon was only a online book seller company. But with brilliant business tactics, Jeff made his company (Amazon) as one of the best online marketplace. But what’s the secret of his success? I have some thoughts on that, 1)    Jeff Bezos thinks that he is  the smartest guy in…

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