A popular quadcopter with latest drone technology

How Drones work and what is Drone Technology

In this article I will simply explain What is a drone ,  How Do drones work , what is drone technology and some of its usage . What is a drone and  How Do Drones Fly? Actually The word “Drone” has two different meanings: One stands for continuous humming sound that is lower than loud and Other meaning points […]

Google search results index

How To Index Your Blog Post Quickly On Google

How does Google update their search results? Without a well amount of Organic Traffic , banging (becoming successful) things like online marketing, blogging etc , is not possible in any way. Nowadays Google is the best source of Organic Traffic as almost 70% of people prefers searching their desired things on search engines. In this […]

Android app

How To Be A Successful Android App Developer

This post for those who really want to be an Android developer. How to Get Started Android App Developing? Android is the most popular mobile operating system of the current era. This is a Google operated, complete open platform . The reason for its popularity is that it is easy to use and has lots […]

USB drive

How to format a Not Formatting USB Disk (PenDrive, memory card)

Methods to format a Not Formatting USB Disk (PenDrive, memory card) Sometimes USB disks (pen drives, memory cards, etc.) becomes unable to format because of viruses or other reasons. So how to do it when you need to do? Here’s Some methods : 1) Using the command prompt: This is the most effective way to […]

Pen drive

How To Increase data transfer speed of pen drive in 2 minutes

Increase the data transfer speed of pen drive in 2 minutes It’s 2017 and everyone needs to share send receive photos , documents , videos , songs etc for personal purposes. Some times when you are multi tasking   or in office or in hurry , you need to transfer files faster. But This feels […]

Best 5 Websites For Learning Programming

Best 5 Websites For Learning Programming Programming means instructing computer with some codes and computer understandable languages. Programmers are one of the highly paid jobbers. So you want to learn programming but don’t know where or  don’t want to pay money for programming courses? I have just got the right thing for you. Here’s a […]

Artificial Intelligence

What is *”Artificial Intelligence”* And Why Do We Need it?

Artificial intelligence Artificial Intelligence is a kind of intelligence created in machines, so that they can think and work like humans. Alan Turing is called the father of artificial intelligence. In 1950  A test has been mentioned by Alan Turing whether a machine is intelligent or not , which is known as the “Turing Test”. […]

Solar Eclipse : Things To Know

Things You Should Know About Upcoming solar eclipse on 21th August 2017 What is a solar Eclipse? A solar eclipse happens when the  New Moon comes between the Earth and Sun, which  blocks out the Sun’s rays and casts  a shadow on a specific part of Earth. If the Moon blocks a portion of the sun , […]

Virtual Reality

Interesting Facts About Virtual Reality

Definition of virtual reality Virtual Reality is one of the best invention of modern technology . It resembles itself with the name. The meaning of virtual is near and the word reality means Fact/truth. So the word Virtual Reality resembles itself something as near-truth . This of course doesn’t mean anything because   usually it refers […]

What’s The Difference Between *HTTP And HTTPS*

   Http Vs Https Http : HyperText Transfer Protocol resembles the method of transferring   data from the server of a site we intended to visit by inputting its address in the address bar.  Here your device browser acts as a client and the computer which receives your request acts as a server. Https : […]