Best 5 Websites For Learning Programming

Learn programming

Best 5 Websites For Learning Programming

Programming means instructing computer with some codes and computer understandable languages.

Programmers are one of the highly paid jobbers.

So you want to learn programming but don’t know where or  don’t want to pay money for programming courses?

I have just got the right thing for you.

Here’s a list of five websites where you can learn programming for free.



This famous   Brazilian website, got a lot  popularity in a short time. They have got a rich Collection of Easy Problems of programming for beginners. The  Problems continue to grow a little bit harder when you solve any programming problem . The newest problems are related with the previous problems, so that you can solve the newest one’s easily.


This is also a very popular site where programming languages ​​are taught through Problem Solving. Those who have no basic idea about programming can also do programming here.  There is a Problem Solving course called 30 hours of code. You can learn so much If you just practice problem solving in this course atleast 1 hour every day. The best thing of this website is   the app/software developer companies organize different job contests in here. If you can show a good programming knowledge, then you can get a good job also.


Everybody loves to get gifts.

Isn’t it?

How about If you get a beautiful gift while learning a lot of programming .

Sounds unbelievable?

But it’s true.

Codechef is an Indian site. You will earn laddu’s if you solve problems and with your earned laddu’s, you can buy T-shirts, bags and drones .


Can’t set your mind on programming? This site will give you the chance to play games along with creating the game you are playing.

Sounds interesting, right?

In This website You can program games by choosing your favorite one from the list .

Because of this extra ordinary Feature,  the site has become very popular among programmers.

This is a Bangladeshi website for programmers. They have got some good text editor’s for the beginner’s So that you can  learn programming easily.