How To SEO : 11 SEO Fundamentals For Dominating The Search Results in 2018

  • How to SEO : 11 Seo Fundamentals Before starting this article you should know about What is Seo .In our previous post we have briefly discribed about it.

If somehow you have missed the previous article please read it first: What is SEO/Search Engine Optimization ?

If you have already read the previous article then lets get started with the fundamentals.

There are  plenty of articles/posts/blogs which is concerned  to Search Engine Optimization (SEO).  Most of them agrees on simple, standard paths for proper SEO. These are the effective, long-time optimization strategies that could be part of any SEO effort  so that your  site gets a rock hard  SEO foundation from  beginning.

Google and other search engines pays pretty much on hiring  very talent people to continually make improvement on  their search engines, so that they can counteract/penalize illegal/wrong SEO techniques  that are intended to manipulate their results.

So a illegal way may work for a very short time but can impact a bad effect on your website in long run.

Just Think  you are searching for something. This is also how latest search engines works. They analyzes your site’s text and  html components ( content) and they rates it accordingly. And when a search is performed, the engine returns results that matches the most  closely and  are most relevant to the search .

So you have to  make sure that  you have contents on your site that relatively matches   your business, product, or service.

Think like a normal user, if you need a service , what will you type in the search bar of a search engine .

Think about if you were looking for How to get pet food for your  bunny – if you already knew the food brand, what you’d type in to get the right result of the right brand.

As like that, on your site, make sure you tell/talk about  your product or company name .

But suppose u didn’t know the product?

What would you type in the search bar?

What’s the best pet food for bunnies.” “Top pet food” “Safest pet food.”

Yes, you are right, this is the sweet spot  of search engine optimization where you should target .

But never ever  be fooled by the quote that “quantity is everything/king/” .

Thats not right at all . Because quality counts.

Modern search engines are so much smart that they can recognize a good writing and rewards it with organic results.

11 SEO  principals/fundamentals/basics  , What are they?

The fundamentals of search engine  optimization are easy to perform.

But the hard is  creating quality content which is also relevant to your  customers .

But this article is basically about SEO, so we will keep the topic of  creating a quality content for later. Lets know about the 11 SEO fundamentals.

1) Mobile Optimization

Firstly , you have to make sure thst  your site is perfectly mobile optimized. Because of Google’s  “Mobilegeddon” update,  now a website which is not mobile optimized is not apreciated by google at all.

However, if your site is well responsive, you can consider your website as mobile optimized too.

Cause a responsive site is good for any device whichever a user uses .

Without proper  mobile optimization, your site may end in the rabbit hole because of  low search visibility.

However, it’s worth optimizing your site for better speed as well.

The faster your page loads, the faster  Google will rank your pages higher as a result.

You can check your website whether it is responsive or not , with some pupular plugins (if your website is created with wordpress) .

Yoast plugin is the most famous and user friendly plugin for that duty.

2)  Creating  Title Tags For pages

Because of the recent updates on Google  algorithm, the importance of keyword based page title tags are a bit lower nowadays.

But it  impacts a positive effect on the search results.

Creating simple and understandable page titles can help to increase views by users when the title is displayed among  searches.

You have to  avoid One thing that is   starting your page titles with your company/website name. This worked a few years ago but in 2017 this is considered  as a negative attempt.

We  recommend to have company/website  added in the end of the  title of the page  .

3. Site Navigation

Google rewards with organic traffics to the sites   that make their content  easy to find for the users as their needs.

The best way to do this is to group your pages in a single, minimalist navigation bar with descriptive simple headings and full lists of pages underneath.

Your goal should be taking your users to their needed destination as quickly and simply as possible.

4. Proper usage of  <h>  html tags

Search Engine  searches  headlines. So It’s a good idea to use these  “h” tags . Also add naturaly  readable small sentences  in them.

Though You don’t have to`make  usage of  all of them, but sure you will have some  benefits if you use some of them wisely in headings and keywords.

5.Writing  Informative And Useful Content

 Every page and posts/articles  of your site needs to have a full section of descriptive, accurate content.

Whenever a visitor visits your homepage, they should be able to understand what your site is about.

You should add a  About page, which will contain a full  discriptive list of your site/company.

And also a  Contact page which will contain   the communication address by which your users can get to you  .

But  most of all The more accurate your content is, the higher you’re going to rank in the search engine.

6. Use Of The alternative tags in images

it’s considered good to include the alternative  tags and also the tittle  on  image. Because this not only describes  search engines of the image, but makes your site  user friendly too.

7) Regular  Updating Of Your Contents

 Without a proper  content strategy , doing  external link building campaign is fullyand logically  useless.

Every business/sites/blogs should   publish at least least one new piece of content every day.

But you know, the more the better. This content needs to be informative, and useful for your targeted audience.

Without the ongoing  and fresh content, your site will quickly fall to the competition.

You can hire writers for writing for your company too . They will get the job done for you.

8). Providing  a site map

Providing a site map is helpful for your visitors, and search engines also.

The site map should include description of all pages  in your site.

These  should be the hyperlinks to their respective pages. Search engines will follow these links to relate the phrases to your page’s content.

9. Try To Get Attention On The Social Media Also  

Nowadays social medias became on of the best medium of advertising and peoples attention on your company.

Most of the people of the web world uses social media .

So to get a good attention ,  Claim your business’s profile on as many social media platforms as you can, and keep the regularity and pace.

Try to build  connections, and  make a  community with quality  content and fresh updates.

The greater  your popularity on social media  is, the higher popularity you’ll hold with Google.

There are plenty of social media sites Facebook , Twitter  , Youtube , Linkedin etc.

10. Creating Relevant, quality inbound links

A good way of getting incoming/inbound link is  hiring or requesting authors for posting  on your blogs.

Or post on multiple  forums  related to your sites niche . Some of the forums also  allow posting back links within your forum posts. But  of course as i mentioned on the previous point that  there’s social networking sites, like or social group  sites such as  , etc.

11. Submitting your site to multiple  search engines

Whenever you bring a new site , make  sure you submit it to the major search engines.

Every search engines  provide a page for submitting new URLs for free.

If you get listed in popular  search engines then  the smaller ones  will find you automaticaly.

After submitting your site to search engines, you should also look for human edited directory projects where you can get listed your site.

These directories are based on catagories.

These directories are  beneficial for SEO   because search engines favours them as   they’re edited by humans.

There are A few websites where you can get listed your site . Among them, and Yahoo Directory are the most popular.

You should focus on developing these SEO fundamentals/principals/basics first and they  should be your immediate priority.

Only when you feel that  have completed all these on these important  factors,
then you should proceed with other steps .

But always be  careful to build only natural links because search engines are not blind/deaf/mad.

The keys of a successful SEO campaign depends on  hard work and good efforts.
So never push  all your efforts just into one tactic or step.

Just keep the pace of efforts and one day you will see the results yourself. If you face any problems please  feel free to contact me.
Good luck .